Setup Pages

Tag List Page

Create a page name Tags or anything and select the page template Tags from the settings.

Author List

Create a page name Authors or anything and select the page template Authors from the settings. You will get 2 author list page template. Authors and Author Style 2. Select one of them.

Full Width Single Post

Real Time Search Feature

Search will not work when you install the ghost theme. You need to add API for the search option activation. Follow the instraction to make the API key.

  1. Go to to Settings > Integrations > Custom integrations > + Add custom integration
  2. Enter a name of "New Custom Integration" and create
  3. Copy Content API Key fro API Keys
  4. Go to Settings > Code injections > Blog Header
  5. Add script like this to add api key. Don't change the variable name.
	var contentApiKey = "your api key";

Replace your api key with your api key that you created.

API Code creation:
API code injection:
Search result:

Setup posts to show per page

"config": {
	"posts_per_page": 6

Change posts_per_page’s value as your wish. After changing this you need to restart your ghost

ghost restart
Last Updated: 2/5/2019, 6:48:54 AM